Why Blue Hippo?

Easy Payment

We make car washing easy. Just drive up to the self-serve kiosk to get started. Then proceed to the automated wash tunnel. If you have a monthly membership, your vehicle's license plate is automatically read, and the gate will open – no need to enter payment or scan a key fob.

Fast Wash

Our automated wash tunnel operates via a conveyor belt that pulls your vehicle through each wash step in about 3 minutes. You'll be riding away clean, shined, and dry right away.

Free Vacuums

Included with every wash is access to our powerful self-serve vacuums. So get the trash out and suck up all the dirt to get the interior of your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Belt Conveyor

Our conveyor belt works great for a wide range of vehicles and is safe for low profile tires and rims; low riding cars, dually trucks with tires up to 28½" wide, and SUVs of all sizes up to 7'2" tall.

Premium Automated Wash Systems

Our premium wash chemicals and equipment are tough on dirt and grime, easy on vehicle paint.

Triple foam pre-soak and wash helps fill imperfections in the vehicle's clear coat to lift out dirt and illuminate shine.

Our cloth strips provide the friction needed to clean your car while gentle on paint.

The after-wash paint sealing process combines silicones and carnauba waxes to create a silky-smooth finish on your vehicle's surface.

Wheel cleaning brushes tackle the brake dust and grime on your rims.

Multi-directional power dryers blast dry your car from top to bottom, front to back.

Optional tire shine finishes off your car wash with gleaming tires.

Rust-Oleum Protection